Ends on December 31, 2016
Please provide the names and contact information for yourself and your honors program colleagues for next academic year. If it's going to be the same, please still take the time to enter your current information. It's a big help in keeping good communication with our transfer partners!

If you aren't sure of information, please just leave those fields blank. 

I know that more than one person at a college may be submitting information this time around, because this is the first time we've asked for this information in this way.

You'll receive a confirming email from Saddleback College Honors Program Submittable when all is complete. Thank you 
for the time you spend doing this. Having up-to-date information really does make HTCC stronger!

Alannah Rosenberg
Chair of Transfer Relations
Honors Transfer Council of California

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The Honors Transfer Council of California conference offers a venue for community college students from across the state to present their original work. It is open to all students at Saddleback College.

The conference will be held at UC Irvine on Saturday, April 1, 2017, from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This page is for Saddleback College students who wish to be presenters at the conference.

To apply, complete the application below and submit an abstract of no more than 250 words describing your research to this site by 11:45 p.m. Friday, December 9, 2016. Please read the Saddleback Honors Program’s HTCC page before reading further here. There is information on that page that is not available on this one.

Acceptance is a two-stage process: first by Saddleback faculty reviewers and then by HTCC faculty reviewers. 

  • December 18: You will be notified whether Saddleback College will be forwarding your abstract to the HTCC.  Check your email daily from the time you submit until December 18th so you can respond to questions that may arise in this process, corrections that are needed, etc.
  • Late January: You will be notified by HTCC whether your proposal has been accepted for the conference. (Transferring students: This will give you time to add this acceptance to your application for transfer.)

To complete a submission, you'll need the following in addition to your abstract:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your mentor's name and contact information
  • An interesting and informative title
  • A 25-word description of your work (for the conference program)
  • An abstract of up to 250 words
  • The work's four most important non-obvious references
    (e.g., if your research is on the Canterbury Tales, don't list that)
  • For group presentations or posters: The names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all group members who will attend.

Information in the abstract should include the following:  

  • a description of the research topic, question, hypothesis, and/or purpose
  • an explanation of the research methods used
  • a discussion of the implications/conclusions drawn or anticipated
  • some key supporting evidence with in-text citations
  • other information deemed relevant by the applicant
  • Works Cited/Reference list containing between 3 and 5 relevant and scholarly sources and formatted according to MLA or APA format (as appropriate for the discipline)

Submitted abstracts should be sent as Word .doc or .docx.  Do not submit a pdf; these can cause technical problems.  

For group presentations (oral, poster, or performance), information for all presenters must be given. Every presenter must complete an application via this site. Titles must be identical and the uploaded abstracts must be identical.

Filenames MUST be in the format X-Y-AAAAAA


X = P for Poster, O for Oral Presentation, or A for (Artistic) Performance

Y = I for Individual or G for Group

AAAAAA = Some kind of uniquely descriptive title (e.g., “DolphinTournament” or “MartianCrisis” but not “BiologyProject” or “TermPaper” and definitely not “Abstract” or “HTCCSubmission”)

If this is your first time on this site, you'll need to open a (free) account so we can connect your work with you. If you already have an account because of an earlier conference, you may use that same one. After you've done that, you can start your application. When you see and click the "Submit" button, that screen will re-load with the submission form visible at the bottom. Scroll down to begin entering your information. 

A notification email will be sent to you and your mentor(s) when the abstract is received.

To be eligible for financial assistance with the $50 conference fee,
you must purchase a $10 ASB card for Spring 2017 and be enrolled in at least 5 units. You do not need to be an Honors Program student, but you do need to be in good standing as a Saddleback College student.